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"The 21st Century's leading content producer is our ambition. That's why

our productions and work ethic is 

above the rest."

Universal Media Group (UMG) is a fast-growing independent media company based in New York and Miami with satellite offices in Los Angeles and New York. One of Universal Media Group’s strengths is that at the epicenter of digital content: our commitment is to stay ahead of the trends and ride the waves of new and exciting innovations as well as to planning and producing content and events that truly meet our clients’ objectives, and that influence content viewers and the event attendees and move them to action. We have a rich history of producing live, corporate and special events. To create, produce, market, distribute and communicate content to and for the global market is Universal Media Group's mission.  


Universal Media Group has quickly grew a reputation on both sides of the Atlantic for making innovative and popular content. The company's business winning formula is to bring together some of the greatest creative, marketing and production minds to create and oversee original content. Using every technology available to create successful campaigns and  programming for a new world is no easy task but UMG is commited to harvesting new alliances to bring the company's content and formats to the US market. In America, Universal Media Group produces in partnership with regional powerhouses to best serve each and every market .


In 2016, Universal Media Group established a  finance and distribution division run by Antonio Piedra and Minh Collins to produce a slate of high quality entertainment projects including feature films, a travel and cooking TV show and dramatic series with International and American writers, directors and on-screen talent.


Universal Media Group distributes it's formats and finished programmes domestically and internationally.

Across the group we’re pushing the boundaries to create breakthrough shows as well as pioneering work across social media and mobile platforms. We’re developing innovative content applications and interactive brand websites to accompany the Films, TV broadcasts of new shows online.


Our aim is to invest in talent, to produce world class content and to distribute on all platforms around the world through ground-breaking deals.



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