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“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman

Navigating today’s marketplace has become more complex than ever. That’s why Talia Media Group's philosophy is simple: We help you put customers at the center of your business. Focusing on your customers’ needs creates a unifying platform that can guide your strategy, your brand and your communications.


Talia Media Group was formed in November 2007, when the brand consulting firm formerly known as Marcano combined with Ether to create a brand innovation and marketing firm that offers customer insights, brand strategy, design, marketing, engagement and technology services under one roof. Each firm brought 20 years of experience helping global clients solve their most critical branding and marketing problems. Talia Media Group continues its shared philosophical legacy of creating and executing practical solutions to branding, technology and marketing applications for the world’s best organizations.


Talia Media Group brings both our deep experience and a proven track record of our legacy to client assignments. With a customer-centered focus, our combined strengths offer broader, deeper value to our clients. Our promise is to ensure we always offer the right expertise for the right solutions across every industry we serve and for every customer served by our clients. We promise superior results across the spectrum of our services: research, strategy, design, technology, communications, analytics, employee engagement and brand management and measurement.



“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

With a vision to become one of the world's leading media and entertainment platform, the CEO of our  media company set a bold agenda that included a revamped digital strategy. Supported by TMG's digital expertise and analysis the company is now poised to capitalize on today's technology and consumer preferences.


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