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Akita Films is an East Coast independent motion picture distribution based company with representation in Los Angeles and offices in Miami and New York. The company currently produces, finances and handles domestic and international sales, generally with budgets between $300,ooo and $10 million. 

Next Play is the offspring of Jerrad Jasper, a 20 year plus Fortune 1000 marketing executive veteran. Social Media marketing, sports marketing, primarily professional basketball, football, baseball and entertainment. Next Play’s mission is to expand its client’s scope and marketing reach by implementing tech applications to new and existing social media marketing, management, as well as film and television production. 

Excel Media, UMG’s branding entertainment arm, operates at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Vine, where brand marketing and Hollywood meet.  Leveraging UMG’s global media platform to offer and create 360-degree content and brand integration opportunities, Excel Media provides a variety of entertainment marketing opportunities to established and emerging brand partners, allowing them to connect with consumers in relevant and engaging ways.

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